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  • cheap NFL jerseys NFL Rumor Central: A chance encounter with Pats Deflategate staffer

    There's a new development in the story that just won't go away, and this time it comes from a fitness facility at a beach resort in Mexico.

    That's where comedian Jim Breuer, who was visiting for a comedy festival, said he met and spoke with John Jastremski -- one of two New England Patriots equipment staffers who were suspended for their roles in Deflategate -- this past January. wholesale jerseys

    Breuer told Sports Illustrated that TV coverage of Deflategate was playing in the gym when Jastremski approached him to ask his opinion on the saga. Jastremski then introduced himself and told Breuer that he and his family were on vacation "to get away because they were being so harassed in the Massachusetts area."

    Per Breuer, Jastremski expressed frustration with the Patriots organization for "holding me down" and preventing him from commenting publicly. Jastremski also suggested to Breuer that he wants to move and change jobs, but he "can't get [another] job" because "this is all he knows, all he does."

    cheap NFL jerseys As for whether the footballs were deflated in the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts?

    "He wouldn't answer the question," Breuer recalled, "But he just kept saying, 'Tom's my guy. Tom takes care of me.'"

    wholesale NFL jerseys "All I remember is that guy would not throw Tom Brady under the bus. He said Tom Brady does so much for him."

    For the record, Jastremski was not the staffer who referred to himself as "the deflator" in text messages that were found in the NFL's investigation of the incident -- that was Jim McNally, who was seen taking the bag of game balls into the bathroom prior to kickoff against the Colts. cheap jerseys

    Jastremski and McNally were reinstated from suspension last September. cheap jerseys